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Personal Information

A few people have e-mailed me with personal questions in the past, so I have decided to put some personal information on this page.

My name is Steven and I live in Scotland.


My main hobbies are Computing and Photography.


I also enjoy listening to music and riding roller coasters.


Computing became a hobby of mine when I was eight years old, when I started programming in BBC Basic. Over the years I created programs in many other languages and on other systems, including Pascal, Java and C++.


It was in college, that I first had access to the internet, it was not long until I wanted to have a web site of my own.

It was just after then, I created my first web site, Steven's PC Stuff. It was a basic site, with a white background, and simple text. The original site was uploaded on the 6th September 1998.

About The Site

When I created the original Steven's PC Stuff back in 1998, it was intended to be a site all about computers, with downloads related to various computer games. The purpose of my site, as well as the design has changed a lot over the years, with the addition of whole new sections.


My first web site, was uploaded on the 6th September 1998, at that time I was still in college, and the internet was still a very new thing! Back then, I connected through a dial-up connection, and it was not fast.


This was before I got my domain name, the the site URL was quite long.


The site contained downloads for games such as Command and Conquer Red Alert, Duke Nukem and Sim City.


The first site had very basic text and simple spinning graphics. The original site has now been lost, but I do still have this graphic from it:


The original purpose of the web site was to be all about computers, but that has changed over the years.


It was in 1999 that I got my first domain name, www.pc-stuff.co.uk was born!


In 2003, I created Steven's Pictures, I wanted to have a gallery showing off some of my photographs. At that time, Steven's Pictures was a completely separate site, and would not be integrated into the main site until 2007.


Here is a gallery of what this site has looked like since version 2 back in 1998.


Steven's PC Stuff - Version 2 (1998)



Steven's PC Stuff - Version 3 (1999)



Steven's PC Stuff - Version 4 (2001)



Steven's Pictures - Version 1 (2003)



Steven's PC Stuff - Version 5 (2007)


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