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Welcome to Steven's Pictures!

Photography has been a hobby of mine for several years.

I have taken thousands of photos over the years, whether it is on my travels, or simply in my local area.


This page contains many photographs from my collection.



Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, and is a short drive from where I live. Edinburgh contains many historic sights, as well as night life.


Queensferry And The Forth Bridges

South Queensferry, and North Queensferry contain the Forth Bridge, which is one of Scotland's most well known landmarks.


The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel is a giant boat-lift on the Union Canal. It was designed to replace a series of lock gates.



Livingston is one of Scotland's "New Towns" located in West Lothian, it is not far from Edinburgh. It is also my home town.



Livingston is one of Scotland's "New Towns" located in West Lothian, it is not far from Edinburgh. It is also my home town.



The Kingdom of Fife is the area just north of Edinburgh, across the Forth Bridges. Includes Views of Abernethy and St Andrews; a town in Scotland that is famous for it's great scenery and it's golf course.


East Lothian

East Lothian contains many towns and villages that are well worth exploring, such as North Berwick and Haddington.


West Lothian Country Parks

West Lothian has many great country parks, well worth visiting for various activities, such as sports, and walking.



Blackpool is a town in England, a "traditional "seaside town, famous for its night life, theme park and tower.



York is a city in Northern England, famous for its museums, historic sights and railway museum.



A city in England famous for its university and historic sights.



I have visited Northern Ireland a few times, sometimes crossing the border into the Republic Of Ireland.



Paris is the capital city of France. I visited here back in 2005 during an Inter-Railing trip.


Hoover Dam

I visited the Hoover Dam on a trip to the USA back in 2003. This is an amazing structure.


Grand Canyon

During my trip to the USA back in 2001, I did a helicopter tour of the grand canyon.


Glen Canyon

I visited Glen Canyon back in 2001, on a tour of the Western USA.


San Francisco

I have been to San Francisco twice. The first time in 2001, the second time in 2003. I really like the city, it is full of amazing sights.


Lake Tahoe

I visited Lake Tahoe back in 2003. This place is much more popular during the winter months.





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