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I visited Lake Tahoe back in 2003. This place is much more popular during the winter months.

The Lake

Lake Tahoe 1

The beautiful blue water of Lake Tahoe.

July 2003.


Lake Tahoe 2

More of the lake, and it's beautiful scenes.

July 2003.



Lake Tahoe 3

Closer to shore, the water takes on a more green colour.

July 2003.

The Town

Town View

Taken near the state line.

July 2003.


Lights of Tahoe

A night time shot.

July 2003.

Gondola Ride

Gondola Station

The first station on the gondola ride, from here you get fantastic views of the town and the lake.

July 2003.


The gondola

A close up shot.

July 2003.


Gondola View 1

Taken during a gondola ride.

July 2003.


Gondola View 2

Facing backwards.

July 2003.



A close up of one of the pylons.

July 2003.


Viewing Platform 1

A great place to see the lake.

July 2003.


Viewing Platform 2

One of the views across to the lake and the town.

July 2003.


Viewing Platform 3

Another view of the town.

July 2003.



A fairly patriotic scene, if you are from the USA!

July 2003.


Lake Tahoe Gondola Ride




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