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West Lothian has many great country parks, well worth visiting for various activities, such as sports, and walking.

Almondell & Calderwood Country Park

Almondell Viaduct 1

This is a long disused viaduct, a nice centrepiece for the park.

September 2002.


Almondell Viaduct 2

This time taken from the other side,

April 2007.


Almondell Viaduct 3

Another view of the viaduct.

June 2008.


Almondell Viaduct 4

A closer view, you can see some of the surrounding greenery.

June 2008.


Almondell Viaduct 5

Taken on the viaduct, now a footpath.

April 2007.



Almondell Park Bridge

This footbridge is near the East Calder entrance to the park.

October 2002.


Almondell Footbridge

This footbridge is near the Broxburn entrance to the park.

October 2002.

Beecraigs Country Park

Pile Of Rocks

This "Rock Group" is at the bottom of a steep cliff.

February 2003.


Wooden Walkway

This walkway is near the main entrance to the park.

June 2006.

Polkemmet Country Park

Unusual Structure

This old structure is in the centre of the park, and has been badly vandalised over the years.

October 2002.


Polkemmet Horn

This horn is at the very edge of the park, right next to the M8 Motorway.

September 2001.


Typical River Scene

One of the many river side walks in Polkemmet Park.

September 2001.





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