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The Kingdom of Fife is the area just north of Edinburgh, across the Forth Bridges. Includes Views of Abernethy and St Andrews; a town in Scotland that is famous for it's great scenery and it's golf course.


Abernethy Round Tower 1

The Abernethy Round Tower is a Pictish monument.

July 2002.


Abernethy Round Tower 2

Another view of the tower.

July 2002.


Tower View 1

Here you can see the houses of Abernethy, as seen from the top of the tower.

July 2002.


Tower View 2

Another view from the tower.

July 2002.

St Andrews

St Rule's Tower 1

Part of the Abby. You can get some fantastic views of the town from the top.

October 2001.


St Rule's Tower 2

A different angle. You can see what remains of the walls at the back.

October 2001.


St Rule's Tower 3

More of the walls can be seen here.

July 2002.


St Rule's Tower 4

Further Back, you can see more of the remains of the abbey.

July 2002.


St Rule's Tower View 1

You can see the beach, piers and some flats in this picture.

July 2002.



St Rule's Tower View 2

Some more of the view. The graveyard below is part of the Abby.

July 2002.


St Rule's Tower View 3

This time facing the town.

July 2002.


The Abbey

One of the historic sights in St Andrews, this time taken from the entrance to the abbey.

July 2002.


Abbey Tower

I am surprised this precariously balanced tower remains standing!

July 2002.

Dysart Harbour

The Harbour

Part of the Fife Coastal Path, a very scenic harbour, on a sunny June day.

June 2012.



Harbour Tunnel

This is the entrance to the harbour from the Fife Coastal Path.

June 2012.


Harbour Stairs

This leads to the top of the wall, which is a great vantage point for taking photos.

June 2012.


Harbour View

Taken from the top of the wall.

June 2012.




A great chance to use my zoom lens.

June 2012.

Other Fife Views


Town in fife famous for its harbour and Chippie!

July 2011.


Concrete UFOs

Found in a park in Glenrothes.

April 2003.


Kirkcaldy Wall 1

Found on the Fife Coastal Path, just outside Kirkcaldy.

June 2012.


Kirkcaldy Wall 2

A closer view of the wall.

June 2012.


McDuff Castle 1

Ruined castle in East Wemyss

June 2012.


McDuff Castle 2

A closer view of the castle.

June 2012.


Silver Sands to Burntisland

More of the Fife Coastal Path.

November 2004.


Aberdour Station

Taken while waiting for our train back to Dalmeny.

August 2004.








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