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Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. It is full of amazing historic sights, and great nightlife.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle 1

Probably the most famous sight in Edinburgh.

April 2003.


Edinburgh Castle 2

People come from around the world to see Edinburgh Castle.

April 2003.


Edinburgh Castle 3

Another shot of the castle.

March 2010.


Castle from the Museum 1

This shot was taken from the "Roof Terrace" of the Royal Museum Of Scotland.

January 2003.


Castle From The Museum 2

A closer view, also taken from the museum roof terrace.

February 2003.


Castle Contrast

Taken from the Scott Monument.

September 2004.


Sighthill View

A long distance shot taken from a tower block in Sighthill (now demolished) this shot shows how the castle dominates the Edinburgh skyline.

February 2003.


Aerial View

Taken during my helicopter tour of Edinburgh.

July 2001.


Edinburgh City Centre


Blackford Hill View

A night time view across town.

January 2010.


Castle Terrace Building 1

Saltire Court. I really like this building.

December 2002.


Castle Terrace Building 2

A closer shot, showing the pillars.

December 2002.


Leith Street

Taken from the St James Shopping Centre.

February 2006.



Bendy Bridge 1

One of my classic shots, this is the bridge that leads from the St James Shopping Centre to the Car Park over the street.

February 2006.


Bendy Bridge 2

Another view of the bridge, this time from above.

February 2006.


Bendy Bridge 3

A clearer view of the actual bridge.

February 2006.


Bendy Bridge Access

This is where the bridge leads, the building simply contains some lifts, and some stairs that go underground to the car park.

February 2006.


The David Hume Tower

Part of the University of Edinburgh.

September 2001.


Edinburgh Carnival 1

This is what happens if you over-expose a photo of a slowly revolving Ferris Wheel.

January 2004.


Edinburgh Carnival 2

Here you can see more of the winter carnival that happens every year in the centre of Edinburgh.

January 2004.


Edinburgh Carnival 3

Another ride, another slow shutter shot. I think this one looks quite dramatic!

January 2004.


Edinburgh Carnival 4

A slow shutter speed makes even this carousel look menacingly fast!

December 2004.


Edinburgh Carnival 5

A closer view of the The Ferris Wheel.

December 2004.


St Mary's Cathedral 1

One of two cathedrals in Edinburgh.

August 2006.


St Mary's Cathedral 2

View from the roof of the cathedral. You can see Melville Street.

August 2006.


St Mary's Cathedral 3

More of Melville Street, a closer look.

August 2006.


St Mary's Cathedral 4

Melville Street again, but you can also see part of the cathedral building.

August 2006.



St Mary's Cathedral 5

St Mary's Cathedral, contrasted against a bright sky.

August 2006.


St Mary's Cathedral 6

Another picture of the cathedral.

August 2006.


Scott Monument 1

A monument to the Scottish author, Walter Scott. A well known landmark in the centre of Edinburgh.

September 2004.


Scott Monument 2

A close up of the monument. Here you can see some of the details of the building.

September 2004.


Scott Monument View 1

Taken from the top of the monument, this is St David's Street looking towards the River Forth.

September 2004.


Scott Monument View 2

Here we can see down Edinburgh's Princess Street, full of shops, and always extremely busy!

September 2004.


Scott Monument View 3

Here you can see across the roof of Waverley Station.

September 2004.


Scott Monument View 4

More of Waverley Station. trains come from all over Britain along these tracks.

September 2004.


Scott Monument View 5

I really like this shot, a great view across Edinburgh to the River Forth.

September 2004.


Scott Monument View 6

People relaxing in Princess Street Gardens.

September 2004.


Scott Monument View 7

New College.

September 2004.


Edinburgh and Salisbury Crags

Taken from the now demolished Sighthill tower blocks.

February 2003.


Napier University Merchiston Campus 1

This is where I studied for my degree in computing, Sometimes I would stay late at night and take some photos.

February 2003.


Napier University Merchiston Campus 2

Another shot of the campus.

February 2003.


National Monument 1

Yes! This really is a picture from Edinburgh! This Greek Temple thing is on Calton Hill.

March 2004.



National Monument 2

This really does not look like something you would expect to find in Edinburgh!

March 2004.


National Monument 3

A view of the back of the monument.

March 2004.


National Monument 4

A side view.

March 2004.


Princess Street from Calton Hill

Bustling with activity as usual.

March 2004.


Holyrood Palace

The Queen's official residence in Edinburgh

March 2004.


David Hume and Appleton Towers

Taken from Calton Hill. On the hill in the background is the Midlothian Ski Centre.

March 2004.


Edinburgh City Centre and Waverley Station

The glass of the helicopter distorted the image slightly.

July 2001.


Moray Place

This street looks like a giant roundabout.

July 2001.

The Royal Museum Of Scotland

Interior of the old Museum

Inside the main entrance of the museum. This museum is well worth a visit if you are in Edinburgh.

February 2003.


Interior of the new Museum 1

The museum was extended in 1998, here we can see the interior.

February 2003.


Interior of the new Museum 2

More of the interior of the new museum.

February 2004.


Museum Roof Terrace

There are many great views of Edinburgh to be had from here.

February 2003.

Other Parts Of Edinburgh

City Bypass

The classic "Traffic Trails" shot.

February 2007.


Duddingston Lane

A dark lane, looks very mysterious.

September 2006.


Queens Park

Another Traffic Trail

September 2006.


Hermiston Gait

A retail park at the end of the M8 motorway. Taken on my helicopter tour of Edinburgh.

July 2001.


Sighthill Flats

These flats have been demolished now.

July 2001.



Botanic Gardens

Almost the entire garden in a single photo!

July 2001.


Wester Hailes Flats

With snow covered hills in the background.

February 2003.


View From Edinburgh Castle




Capelaw Court Demolition




Edinburgh City Centre - 13th December 2010







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