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York is a city in Northern England, famous for its museums, historic sights and railway museum.

York City


The York Minster

The central cathedral in York, and one of the biggest in Europe.

March 2004.


York Minster Close Up

Taken while climbing up the tower.

March 2004.


York Minster Tower View

Here you can see the famous twin towers of the cathedral.

September 2006.


York Minster At Night 1

Night time view of the illuminated front of the cathedral.

March 2004.


York Minster At Night 2

Another night time view.

March 2004.


York Minster At Night 3

Another night time picture.

March 2004.


Typical River Scene

York has many river side buildings with walkways beside the river Ouse.

September 2006.


Hotel At Night

I liked the way the stairs were illuminated.

September 2006.


The Shambles 1

One of the most quirky streets in York.

September 2006.



The Shambles 2

Another view of the shambles.

March 2004.



City Centre Fountain

Taken in the pedestrianised shopping area.

March 2004.



Lendal Bridge

One of the many bridges crossing the river Ouse.

March 2004.


Ouse Bridge

Another bridge over the river Ouse.

March 2004.


River Side Buildings

Yet more buildings beside the river.

March 2004.


Clifford's Tower 1

Castle in the centre of York, here you can see the mound.

March 2004.


Clifford's Tower 2

Facing the front of the castle.

September 2006.


Clifford's Tower 3

A closer view of the castle.

March 2004.


Clifford's Tower 4

Some shops and houses that can be seen from the castle wall.

March 2004.


River Foss Bridge

This almost looks like a canal.

February 2008.



What more can I say?

March 2004.

Flamingo Land


A launched roller coaster, in which the riders ride motor bikes.

July 2009.


Mumbo Jumbo 1

I was there they day they officially opened this ride to the public! Note the balloon!

July 2009.


Mumbo Jumbo 2

A closer view of the ride. Here you can see the steep first drop.

July 2009.


Mumbo Jumbo 3

In the queue for the ride!

July 2009.


Water Area 1

Here you can see the "Flip Flop" as well as the tracks for the miniature railway.

July 2009.


Water Area 2

Another view, you can also see the support tower for the cable car ride.

July 2009.



Flip Flop

A closer view of the ride.

May 2008.


Kumali 1

One of my favourite Roller Coasters.

May 2008.


Kumali 2

Here you can see just how close to the path the first drop of this fantastic roller coaster gets!

July 2009.


Kumali 3

A closer view of the track.

July 2009.


Kumali 4

Here you can see the riders enjoying the first drop.

May 2008.


Footage from the RCCGB Summer Bash 2009






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