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Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, famous for it's industrial past.

General Glasgow Views

Finnieston Crane 1

The Clyde Port Crane, now disused, it stands as a symbol of Glasgow's industrial past.

january 2003.


Finnieston Crane 2

Same crane, different angle.

January 2003.


Glasgow University

Taken from near the Kelvingrove Museum.

January 2003.



Glasgow Central Bridge

To the left is the railway bridge leading from Glasgow Central Station.

January 2003.


Typical Glasgow Buildings

Red Sandstone.

December 2002.


Clydesdale Bank Building

Players of "Transport Tycoon" will recognise this building.

December 2002.


Glasgow Science Centre

Complete with tower, and IMAX cinema.

September 2004.


Science Centre Tower

Apparently the whole tower was designed to rotate from its base.

January 2003.


The Millennium Bridge

This bridge is just outside the Glasgow Science Centre. Half way across this bridge there is a gap in the floorboards and you can see all the way down to the river!

September 2004.



Park Fountain

In the background is the Glasgow University Building.

January 2004.



The access point to an old tunnel.

January 2003.


Skypark Building

The reflective surfaces of this building create some unusual effects.

January 2003.


Glasgow Street

Typical Glasgow Scene. The city centre is built in "blocks"

December 2002.

Glasgow Tower Blocks

Tower Block 1

There are many tower blocks like this one in Glasgow!

September 2004.


Tower Block 2

Taken from the top floor.

September 2004.


Tower Block 3

Another picture from the top floor, facing the motorway. Imagine having this view from your bed room!

September 2004.


Tower Block Skyline

A silhouette shot of the towers, taken at dusk.

January 2003.


Tower Blocks At Night 1

Taken from Glasgow Central Station.

January 2003.


Tower Blocks At Night 2

This time, you can see more of the station and the tracks.

January 2003.



Glasgow Underground

Cessnock 1

Many of the underground stations in Glasgow are quite hidden. This station is an exception with an interesting sign.

January 2003.


Cessnock 2

A closer view of the sign.

December 2002.



Going Down

What lurks beneath?

December 2002.



The perfect opportunity to use the night shot functionality of my camera.

January 2003.


Underground Station

One of the small underground stations in Glasgow.

January 2003.





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