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I visited the Hoover Dam on a trip to the USA back in 2003. This is an amazing structure.


The Hoover Dam

Here you can see the scale of the dam.

July 2003.



The Hoover Dam Road

When I visited, the dam bypass was not yet built, so this was still the main road.

July 2003.


The Towers 1

These under water towers feed water into the hydroelectric power station within the dam.

July 2003.


The Towers 2

A closer view of some of the towers.

July 2003.


The Towers 3

A closer view of a single tower. I love the 1930's style!

July 2003.


The Towers 4

The towers on the opposite side.

July 2003.


The Towers 5

Another look at the towers, from the other side.

July 2003.


The River Below

Taken from the dam, here you can see the Colorado River below.

July 2003.


The Turbines

Taken during a tour of the dam. This room will be familiar to anyone who has played "Duke Nukem Forever!"

July 2003.



Here you can see the pylons and cables from the power station.

July 2003.





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