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Livingston is a town in West Lothian, Scotland. As one of Scotland's "New Towns" it has grown rather rapidly over the past few years. It is also my home town.


Belsquarry Woods 1

A small wooded area in the Bellsquarry area of Livingston, Taken during a walk round the area.

January 2010.


Belsquarry Woods 2

The lake in the woods, usually filled with wildlife.

January 2010.


Belsquarry Woods 3

Another view of the woods, with the river to the right.

January 2010.


Belsquarry Village

This is Calder Road in Bellsquarry. with the woods up ahead.

January 2010.

General Livingston Views

View to Edinburgh and M8 Motorway.

Taken from Dechmont Law, in the foreground is Deer Park services, and in the background is Edinburgh Airport.

April 2010.



Livingston Footbridge 1

There are many footbridges like this one in Livingston.

February 2003.


Livingston Footbridge 2

Taken from the footbridge.

February 2003.


Deans South

This area has been mostly demolished now, here it is before the demolition began.

February 2008.



Livingston Football Stadium

Here is the Livingston Football Stadium, to the left of it is the car park for the West Lothian College.

January 2001.



Murieston Railway Bridge

Murieston has many nice areas for walking.

December 2002.


Murieston Road Bridge

A road bridge on the same path as the railway bridge.

December 2002.


Oakbank Railway Bridge 1

Taken near to the Oakbank Industrial Estate.

January 2000.


Oakbank Railway Bridge 2

A closer view of the bridge, here you can clearly see the electrical wires.

January 2000.


West Lothian College

Taken from the Designer Outlet Centre car park.

February 2007.


Pentland House 1

One of two almost identical looking office buildings built in Livingston.

November 2009.


Pentland House 2

A closer view of the office building.

November 2009.


Livingston Skate Park 1

Here we can see Livingston's famous skate park, people apparently come from all over the world to skate here.

January 2008.


Livingston Skate Park 2

Another view of the graffiti covered skate park.

January 2008.


Livingston Skate Park 3

Another view of the skate park.

January 2008.


Livingston Skate Park 4

One of the many bowls.

January 2008.


Livingston Skate Park 5

An overview of one of the bowls.

January 2008.


Livingston Skate Park 6

I was very fortunate to get these pictures of the park so quiet. It is normally full of activity, even in winter!

January 2008.



Livingston Skate Park 7

Another view. The houses to the right are in Howden.

January 2008.


Livingston Skate Park 8

A closer look at one of the bowls.

January 2008.


Alba Centre Office Building

I just liked the view of the lobby.

September 2003.




Washing Machine Dreams

The round windows in Craigshill provided a nice frame for this picture.

June 2006.


Houses in Craigshill

Typical housing in Craigshill.

June 2006.


Craigshill Mall 1

The first shopping centre to be opened in Livingston, this place is tiny compared to the main Livingston Centre.

June 2006.


Craigshill Mall 2

Inside the mall, on a quiet day.

June 2006.

Livingston Shopping Centre

The Livi Dome

Part of the Livingston Designer Outlet, this dome has become a landmark in the town.

February 2003.


Almondvale Boulevard 1

One of the main streets in Livingston, in the background is West Lothian House.

January 2001.


Almondvale Boulevard 2

Here you can see the roof of the Livingston Designer Outlet.

January 2001.


Almondvale Boulevard 3

Another view, this time you can see more of the roof.

January 2001.


Almondvale Boulevard 4

Here you can see the office buildings along Almondvale Boulevard.

January 2001.


Livingston Centre 1

Probably the best known place in Livingston, the shopping centre. I like the design of this window.

November 2011.


Livingston Centre 2

The new multi-storey car park.

October 2008.


Livingston Centre 3

The interior of the shopping centre "phase 3"

October 2008.


Livingston Centre 4

More of the interior, taken from the "winter gardens" which is actually a cafe.

February 2009.


Livingston Centre 5

Here you can see more of the shopping centre. in the background is where it connects to phase 2.

February 2009.


Livingston Centre 6

The escalators of the "Winter Gardens"

February 2008.


Livingston Centre 7

More of the shopping centre.

November 2009.


Livingston Centre 8

I liked the pattern on the window.

November 2009.


Livingston Centre 9

More of the Winter Garden escalators.

November 2009.


Livingston Centre 10

One of the shopping centre's many entrances.

November 2009.


Livingston Centre 11

The unusual thing about these shops is that they have exterior entrances, whereas most shops are inside the building.

February 2007.






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