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Floppy Drive


Here are some basic instructions on how to install standard floppy drives into your system. If your drive comes with instructions, then it is recommended that you use them first. Also please note that some drives may be installed differently than standard drives, if you are in doubt, contact the manufacturer for information.

I also don't take responsibility if anything goes wrong!


Open the System Case


First of all, you will have to open your system case, this is normally done by removing the screws from the back, after that lift the cover off; most system cases have different ways of doing this, and it should be self explanatory. You then you need to decide where the new drive is going, on the front of the system unit, there should be an empty slot for the floppy drive to go into, you will have to remove the blanking plate that covers the slot; normally the drive bay covers are held in by clips at the sides, so simply push the clips together and push the drive bay cover out.

Locate The Connector

You must make sure that you have a spare connector for the drive. Normally the connector that connects to the existing one will have a second drive connector on it. Floppy cables are easy to identify, as they have a small twist in them, near the end.

Floppy Connector

You can now insert the floppy drive into the drive bay, if you removed the drive bay cover correctly, the drive should fit successfully into the slot.

Insert The Drive And Screws

At the sides of the slot there are holes for fixing screws, Make sure that they are aligned up, and insert the fixing screws, making sure that the front of the drive is flush with the system unit front.

Connect The Drive

Once you have found the cable, make sure that the connector at the end is the same size and type at the floppy drive that you are using. If not then you probably have the wrong connector, the floppy drive cable has a twist in it, near the end, between it's two connectors.

Floppy Connector Cable

At the back of the floppy drive, there are two connectors. The Data Connector and the power connector.


Back of the Floppy Drive

The location of the connectors on the back of a floppy drive.


Connect the floppy connector cable to the data connector, this cable should have a red wire on it, this is generally wire number one, this should be on the left, when the connector is connected, the side closest to the power connector. Contact the manufacturer if you are in doubt.

Connect The Power Connector

Next you have to locate the power connector, this is normally a small white connector, which should fit onto the back of the drive power connector, don't worry too much about connecting it the wrong way round, the connector is designed so that it can only connect one way.

Bios Setup

Next you will have to enter your system BIOS to set up the drive.

Simply boot up the system to make sure that the drive works before putting the cover back on. If the drive light remains on constantly it is because the data connector is on the wrong way around. Simply switch off the system and reverse the connection, then it should work.




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