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Many devices come in the form of PCI, ISA or AGP. These devices are relatively easy to install, all you need to know is were to put them!


Introduction To Slots


Not really used anymore, as most devices are now PCI. ISA is what was used in the older systems like the 486 and it only has 16-bit data transfer. Typically used for video cards, sound cards, modems and network cards.



A newer version of ISA. Much faster and uses 32-bit data transfer. Most newer devices are PCI.



This is only used for graphics cards.


PCI Express:

A much more up to date standard, for graphics cards and peripherals.


How To Find The Slots

These slots are located on the motherboard, as shown below:

How To Tell Them Apart

The one on the far left is the AGP slot, it is normally further back than the PCI slots, and is slightly smaller than the PCI slots.


The PCI slots are the white ones in the centre, they are normally white, but sometimes the colours differ.


The two large black slots to the right are the ISA slots, they are normally black, although white ones have been known to exist.

Typical devices

ISA Device:

ISA devices normally have large contacts on them.


PCI Device:

PCI devices normally have smaller contacts on them.



The following Flash animation will show you how to install a PCI device.










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