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Please note that this is a very old tutorial. Although many of the components shown here are quite obsolete nowadays, the tutorial is still useful, and the technique is still much the same.


Perhaps you have decided to upgrade your motherboard, or perhaps your motherboard has just stopped working? This guide contains the basic steps required to replace a motherboard.

The pictures used in this article were taken while I was replacing the motherboard on my main system.

Remove The Cover From The System

First of all you have to take the cover off your system, this should be pretty self explanatory! After you have done that, you will have to remove the ISA and PCI devices, and the IDE and Floppy cables.


Remove The Power Connector

After you have removed all the devices, you will have to remove the power connector.


Remove The Motherboard Frame

With the power connector removed, the motherboard mounting frame can now be removed. Simply remove the screws that hold it in place, and gently remove the frame, as in the picture below:



Remove The Processor

This is a Slot A motherboard, with an Athlon 800mhz on it. These processors are removed by releasing the clips at the top, and lifting them off the board. Socket A and similar processors are removed by lifting the large lever at the side of the processor, and removing the processor from the board.




Remove The Memory

With the processor removed, you will now need to remove the memory. There are clips at either side of the memory module, simply push them to one side, and remove the module. Make sure that you put it in an anti-static bag, to avoid damage by static electricity. After you have done this, the wires that connect to the case, for example the power switch, power LED and things like that, will have to be removed.

Remove The Motherboard From The Frame


Now simply remove the screws that hold the motherboard in place, and remove the board.



You will have to make sure that the mounts on the frame can take the new motherboard, some of them may have to be moved.

Place The New Motherboard Onto The Frame

Now you can place the new motherboard onto the frame, and screw it into place.



Replace Processor And Memory

Simply place the processor back into place, and place the memory into it's slot, and re-connect the wires from the case. The motherboard should have labels on it telling you what wires go where, if not consult the manual that came with the motherboard.


Re Assemble Your Computer

You will then need to screw the frame back into place, then insert all of the required PCI and ISA devices, and replace all of the IDE cables.





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