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The flying Camera Routes Editor (Sometimes also called the "Attract Sequence Editor" is a "hidden" part of the game, this is an invaluable tool for creating videos, as it allows very smooth camera motion, and is fantastic for panning shots, and flyovers.

This tutorial provides a very basic introduction to the editor.


Open The Flying Camera Editor

The "D Lean" cheat is often quoted as the way to open the editor, however it is much easier to simply press Ctrl-Shift-0 (Zero), you will see something like the following:


Start Creating Your Route

Simply press "New Ro..." and a new route editor will appear.



It looks complicated the first time you see it, but basic functionality is actually quite simple. The small screen next to the slider bars is the "Preview Window" at the moment it does not show much, so just ignore it for the time being.

The dark grey bar at the top is the timeline, the "s" and "f" buttons are used to add "key frames"

To begin, simply move your view to where you want the route to begin.



Then press "s", and the preview window will now show what is on the main view:


Add more points

Now, simply move the camera to another position, and press "f"


Preview The Route, And Add More Points

Notice how there are now two squares on the grey time line bar. Press play (>) and watch the preview window, you will see the view gradually move from one camera position to another. Keep moving the camera and pressing "f" each time to add a new point to your route, whenever you press play, the preview window will show you the route being followed. Use the red slider to adjust the speed, and when you have it right, press "Solo Play" for a full screen preview!

Record Your Route

If you are happy with what you see,  press Record. Be warned though, when the route has finished, the route editor window will re-appear on your screen, but it will continue recording. You will have to press ctrl-shift-F11 to stop the recording process.

In the finished recorded video, the white routes window will appear in the last few seconds, be sure to edit this out when you are editing your video.

Also, when you are creating your routes, try not to have the camera going through walls or scenery! Perhaps the best thing to do would be to have the route avoid these obstacles, or to have two different camera routes showing each side.

If you want more information about the Flying Camera Editor, check out this excellent tutorial:

Designamatic Flying Camera Tutorial





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