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This tutorial is not necessary if you use the "John Wardley" cheat. However, this all depends on how you define cheating. As I am not using cheat-codes, trainers or editing game files, I don't count this method as a cheat at all!


In some of my videos, such as "Steven's Theme Park Tower" I have placed rides very high up, well above their construction height-limits. How did I do this without cheating you may ask? I used a "workaround!"



In this sandbox game, I have created two Dodgems rides. The one on the right is at the maximum height at which it can be built normally. In this tutorial, I will build one even higher than this!


Step 1: Select where you want the item to go



As the Dodgems ride is four squares wide and long, this is the amount of land it will use. I have used the terrain textures to mark out it's area. This step is not actually necessary, but it makes this tutorial easier to understand.


Step 2: Raise the land around the area, to the desired height



It is important that the area where the ride will be remains at the original level, just make sure that the surrounding land is raised.


Step 3: Fill With Water



Step 4: Place your ride


It should build easily on top of the water




Do not place the entrance or exit yet, do that later.


Step 5: Lower the raised land



The water in the centre will disappear automatically as you lower the land.

And there you have it, one dodgems ride built higher than it's design limitation.



If you try to build one at this height the usual way, you can't!





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