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Many people ask me questions about my indoor pools, this page should help to both answer those questions, and provide help with general pool-building related techniques.

For this tutorial, I will be building a basic indoor swimming pool with one flume. However, this is not a building tutorial, this page only contains tips for pool construction.


Separate the changing rooms from the actual pool area


In a real swimming pool, there is always some space separating the changing pools from the water, this gives people an area to meet. Although it is not actually necessary to do this in RCT3, it does make things a bit more realistic. This is also a good area to put showers.



This way, the peeps can easily shower before getting into the pool, and again before leaving.


Remember the ladders



If you forget to place these, the peeps find it a bit more difficult getting in and out of the pool. Again, these make things a bit more realistic.


Place Spa Pools in more realistic areas



In this example, I have placed two spa-pools. The spa-pool on the top left is right next to the showers, and the pool area. Imagine if you were in this in real life trying to relax, you would have water being splashed on you from the showers, and very little space between you and the main pool. You would also have many people walking past you.

The spa-pool on the right is in a much better place, it is away from the showers, in it's own "relaxation area" with sun-loungers. There is plenty of space to get in and out on each side, and it is away from the main route to the changing rooms.


Separate the diving pools



A lot of swimming pools in real life do not allow people to dive into the main pool, some of them have separate diving pools just for this purpose. In the above example, I have constructed a separate diving pool with diving boards, and a few ladders. The high-diving boards can be built to extreme heights! I find that usually a height of 3-4 is more than enough. To build high-diving boards this way, press shift as you are placing them, and raise the height to the desired level.


Separate flume landing pools


I have seen many swimming pool designs online in which the flumes empty into the main pool. In real life this almost never happens. However, this is RCT3, and an extremely annoying thing about this is that even if you do build separate pools for the flumes to empty into, peeps will still swim in them! Never mind though, as it still looks a lot more realistic this way. In the above example, I have constructed a separate flume landing pool, it is completely separate at the moment, as I have not yet build it's access corridor.


Try building your waterslides backwards



This sounds unusual, but it does seem to make things a lot easier. Simply place your flume end first, then build your flume in reverse. In this example, I have started to build a single body-slide flume.



The main disadvantage of building this way is hat you have to wait until the flume construction is finished before you can test it, but if it does not work, you can easily make modifications.


Water does not flow uphill



This one really bugs me! Water does not flow uphill in real life, and yet RCT3 allows you to build flumes that go up as well as down. The obvious exceptions here are the aqua-blaster slides (that have booster jets) and of course, waterslides with lift-hills.

This is the reason that I no longer build flumes this way.

When building a flume, make sure not to have any sections that go up, this is very unrealistic!


Use Closed flumes outdoors, and open flumes indoors



This only really applies to indoor swimming pools. If you want to build an indoor pool, remember that the whole point is to enclose everything. You really don't want the peeps to be exposed to the elements. For this reason, if any of your flumes go outside of your flume building, replace those sections with closed flumes.


Enclose the areas where the flumes exit and enter the building



The best way to do this is to use the Wall with wide arch from the "Sultans Palace Walls" set, under the "Adventure" tab. Although it does not provide a perfect seal, and it does not always match the scenery set you are using, it still does a convincing enough job of sealing the wall.


Spiral staircases should not directly connect to flume stations



Spiral staircases may look good, but there is a slight bug with their design in that the peeps will not queue on them properly. The best way to overcome this is to build a section of pool-path between the staircase, and the flume station, the peeps can queue on this instead.



The bug does not seem to apply to this style of spiral though. To build one of these, simply build a normal pool path, make it go up and turn a corner at the same time. Repeatedly do his until you have a spiral of sufficient height.


Don't place too many lights


If you place too many lights, dark areas will appear, and some areas may start flickering. Try to evenly space out the lights, so that you can illuminate the pool.


Test Everything



Make sure everything works properly, if not then go back and make changes. I usually make many changed to my flumes and water slides before opening them, checking the ratings, and making sure everything looks realistic enough.



If you follow these tips, your swimming pool designs should more realistic.




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