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When people watch my RCT3 videos on Youtube, they often ask me how I created the roads and car parks.


Some people think that you need custom scenery to create roads, car parks and vehicles. This is not the case.


Contrary to popular belief, I don't use the tarmac paths to create roads, if I did this, then I could not place cars on the roads.

Step 1: Mark the area where you want your road to go, and create your tarmac



You have a choice here, you can either lower the land to make the road surface, or instead surround the road area with a texture that does not blend into the surrounding area. Here I have used the brick texture.

Using the "ground painter" tool, we will now use the Tarmac ground texture to create the road surface.



Step 2: Create your road lines



Here, I am going to use the 1/3 height slate wall, remember to colour it white, then place it half-underground, as shown below:



Simply hold down the ctrl key, and continue placing your lines.



And there you have a basic road. If you want, you can also use the same technique to add other road features:



Step 3: Add cars and other vehicles



The "Generic" scenery items set contains four types of vehicle that you can use, a bus, a coach, a saloon car and a peep-carrier. All you have to do is place these scenery items in your road. Remember to vary the colours though!



And there you have it. You can also build car-parks using the same technique.





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