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The purpose of this page is to show you how to make videos in RCT3 and how to show off your RCT3 reactions on YouTube.

First of all, check your video settings

Normally when playing the game, you can't have the quality settings up too high, as this would significantly slow down the game, especially when you have a lot of scenery on screen. When I am building my parks, I usually like to have my quality settings set at the default settings, this provides a good balance between image quality and performance.


However, when filming videos, it makes a lot more sense to have the settings set much higher,  as although video recording does take a while, the video will always be smooth, no mater how graphic intensive the result.

Where you usually load and save games in sandbox mode, there are two other options, here I have highlighted the "Game Options" button. Go here to check your settings before you begin filming your videos.


After that, you will need to go to the "Graphics Settings" tab.



It is in here that you can adjust your graphics settings for filming.



Here I have my screen resolution set to "1024 X 768 X 32" and my Advanced Settings set to "Quality" These are good modes for building, but once you are ready to film, it is time to change these.


You will need to quit RCT3 to change these, by editing the options.txt file.


Personally, I prefer to use a screen resolution of 1280X720 for HD filming, unfortunately RCT3 does not support this mode officially, but there is a way around that.


Your monitor and graphics card will have to support this resolution.


All you have to do is locate your "options.txt" file, then edit it to display in this resolution. In windows 7, your options.txt file can be found in "your personal fonder ---> appdata --> roaming --> atari --> rct3" You may need to adjust your file display options to locate this file.


Simply open the file, and change the resolution to 1280 X 720 as shown below:



If you have done this successfully, when you launch RCT3 again, it will be in the 1280X720 resolution.


You could also use "Full HD" resolution (1920X1080) but I personally think that 1280 X 720 is more than enough for an RCT3 video.


Next, change the advanced settings to "Custom" you will be provided with a whole new set of options, you simply have to put them all to maximum.



Shadows should be set to "Dynamic" and Anti-Aliasing can be set to whatever you prefer, depending on the capabilities of your graphics card. For filming for Youtube, Level 1 or 2 is usually best. The Textures slider should also be at Maximum.

The following items should be checked:


Detail Level Blend
Compress Textures
3D Trees and plants
Show Trees Off Map
Use Reflective Water
(everything in this submenu should also be checked, reflect everything!)

Use Environment Map on flowing water
Background Mountains


The Following items should NOT be checked.


Simple Terrain Textures


The bloom setting adds a "glow" to many parts of the park. I find that the effect does not work that well, which is why I recommend that it is not used.

The rest of the settings are probably best left as they are.


Now, check the item "Show LOD options" and another panel of options should appear:



All you have to do here is go through each and every one of the sliders, and put them to maximum. The Geometry Imposter Distance should be set to 1500, the maximum setting.



And there you have it, the optimum settings for recording video. Simply close the window to continue.

The game may appear to run more slowly after you have done this, but remember that the videos you produce will be just as smooth as normal, but will have a lot more visible detail in them.

When you have finished filming, you will want to put the settings back to the defaults, simply follow the steps as above, and set the "Advanced Settings" back to "Quality" or whatever you prefer.

More Filming Tips

The flying camera routes editor is great, but it should not be over used. It would be very easy to make a video that just shows a flying camera moving from one part of the park to another, but it would also show the space inbetween. Sometimes it is better to take a "still shot" instead. Some people on Youtube take screen shots using F10, and making video slide shows, but to make things more interesting follow this method.



First of all, click on a peep, and change their name to "David Walsh", this enables the games interface to be hidden. Try pressing Ctrl-U to see if this works, if you have been successful, the interface should disappear, leaving you with just a view of the park. Press Ctrl-U again to bring it back.





Now, all you have to do is place your view where you want the shot to be taken, and then press CTRL-U to make the interface disappear, then press CTRL-SHIFT-F11 to start recording. Let it record for a few minutes, and then press CTRL-SHIFT-F11 again, then CTRL-U. The result is a still shot of the video, but one that still shows the peeps walking around, and the rides moving, this looks much more interesting in a video than a still screenshot. Another advantage that still shots have over the flying camera is that Youtube videos tend to look better when there is not too much movement, these are good for areas of your park that have lots of detail in them that you want to show off. I typically have still shots of about seven seconds each.

The Coaster Cam.

The coaster came is fantastic, it is what allows us to experience our ride creations in ways that the previous Roller Coaster Tycoon games could not. Filming your rides is quite easy. Simply use the "David Walsh" method, and then enter the coaster cam. When the ride is at the station and is about to leave, press CTRL-U and then CTRL-SHIFT-F11 to begin recording. Once the recording process has begun, you will not have to worry about the blue controls appearing, and spoiling your video. When the ride has finished, simply press CTRL-SHIFT-F11 and CTRL-U to end.



Although I like to use Corel Videostudio to edit my videos, I use Windows Live Movie Maker to do the uploading. The reason for this is that Windows Live Movie Maker contains a built-in video uploader for Youtube that tends to be much more reliable then the web interface that Youtube uses, and it supports HD resolutions.


Simply import your video into Windows Live Movie Maker, then click the Youtube icon, you will be able to select the appropriate resolution here, then all you have to do is enter your Youtube user name and password, and allow the program to upload your file. Please be patient, as it will take some while!




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