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One of the problems with RCT3 is that it is very strict as to where you can place wall pieces. The collision detection the game has can be unusual at times, for example it will not allow you to place walls next to paths, but will allow you to place walls across ride tracks!

You can of course use the "M Brookes" cheat, but this only removes some of the restrictions, not all of them. There is a way you can place a wall anywhere however.



In the "Steven's Park-Pier" video, there are several of these "Custom Stalls" that are surrounded by walls. The games does not normally allow you to do this.



In this sandbox game, I have surrounded a custom stall with a path. The game does not normally allow you to place walls around it, which is a shame, as the stall looks plain on it's own like that.



As you can see here, the game does not allow you to place the wall piece next to the stall.

Step 1: Create Your Structure

The first step is to create the structure you want to place, but build it elsewhere in the park, in a clear area. Below I have built it on a clear bit of land next to the path.



It may look unusual doing this, but all will become clear soon.

Step 2: Build A Flat Ride

The next step is to build a flat ride above the structure, in this example I like to use the "Launched Freefall" ride, as it does not have the same height restrictions as some of the other flat rides.



Here I have built it above my structure, where you build it all depends on how your structure is going to be placed.

Step 3: Save Flat Ride With Scenery

Next you have to save the flat ride with scenery.



Select the structure, using the "Save Scenery with ride design" feature. Save your ride design, giving it a name you will remember.

Step 4: Delete The Flat Ride

now, simply delete the flat ride, and if necessary, the scenery item as well.



Get ready to build the ride-design again.

Step 5: Build The Flat Ride Design Again


Use the "Build a saved track design" function, and place your ride above the stall as shown, you can see the structure blueprint underground.



Raise the flat ride using the shift key, until your scenery item is at the correct height. As you can see, the blueprint of both the ride and your scenery item are still blue! You can now build the item.



Once it is built, your scenery item will be in the correct place, surrounding the shop.

Step 6: Delete The Flat Ride

Now all you have to do is delete the flat-ride, and put in place any finishing touches required.



When you delete the flat ride, the scenery item will remain. Here I have placed a roof on top, and it is done!


This method can also be used to place structures high up, as it is easier to change the height of the flat ride, than it is when using the "place custom structure" feature.





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