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What on earth are floppy disks doing in a museum!


Over the years, there have been several different types of data storage, and as technology has progressed, so have the capacities of storage media.


There have been many different types of floppy disk, all with varying capacities; this page covers three such types, mainly because they are the ones that I have in my collection; they are as follows:


The Disks
The three different types of disks that I have in my collection, 5.25" disks, 3.5" disks and Amstrad CF2 (3") disks.


5.25" Disk page 3.5" Disk page CF2 Disk page
5.25" Disks 3.5" Disks 3" Disks


Click on the 5.25" disk for more information about that type of disk, and my experiences with it.


Here is graph that shows the varying capacities of the three disk types as bars, this gives a visual representation for easy comparison.




The Amstrad CF2 disks are quite enigmatic, there is not a lot of information about these disks around, they were quite rare, and were only used on systems manufactured by Amstrad in the 1980s.


The front of the disk drive looks quite similar to the front of a 3.5" Disk drive:


Front of Amstrad 3" Disk Drive


And yet, the actual disk looks completely different.


Amstrad 3" Disk


Here is a capacity comparison table: 
Disk Type Physical Size of Disk Disk Capacity Number required to store the capacity of one 700Mb CD-Rom Number required to store the capacity of one 4.7Gb   DVD-Rom

5.25" Disk
5.25" Disks

13.5cm (5.25inch)square.

720K 996 6,263
1.2Mb 584 3,670

CF2 Disk
3" CF2 Disks

8cm by 10cm
3 inch by 3.9inch

500K 1,434 9,018

3.5" Disk
3.5" Disks

9cm by 9.5cm
3.5inch by 3.7inch

720K 996 6,263
1.44Mb 487 3,058
2.88Mb 244 1,529

Iomega Zip Disk
Iomega Zip Disks

10cm (3.8inch) square.

100Mb 7 45
250Mb 3 18





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