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On this page, I am going to be answering many of the questions that I am asked about the game, and my videos.

What does the term "No Custom Scenery Was Used In This Project" refer to?

The term "Custom Scenery" refers to objects of scenery that have been designed and created for use within the game, that did not come included in the original game files, or in any of the official expansion packs. Such examples include custom scenery objects, custom tracked rides and custom flat rides.

In the vast majority of my RCT3 projects, I do not use such items, choosing instead to only use the scenery objects that came included with the game.

The Wild expansion pack included the ability to create billboards, which are scenery pieces containing images and photos. Their use does not count as custom scenery, as the actual billboard pieces were included within the game.

There are few examples in with I do use custom scenery, such as:

CS: Seven's Country Park

CS: Steven's Pinewood Park, Part 1

CS: Steven's Kings Park Pool

You will notice that I put "CS:" in the title of all the projects that use custom scenery.

You used to say that you did not cheat, you don't say that any more. Why not?

Quite simply because I did not use cheats in my earlier projects, but I do now!

There are many cheats for the game, usually activated by re-naming a guest in your park. Some of these cheats allow you to overcome many of the games limitations, such as being able to build much higher than before, or removing limits.

I define cheating as using one of these codes or modifying the game files to remove limitations.

I did however use the "David Walsh" code to remove the games interface for filming, as it does not affect game play at all, it does not count as a cheat. In some of my older videos, I used the "Jonny Watts" code to get the peep-cam, once again this does not count as a cheat, as it does not affect game play at all.

Nowadays, I use all kinds of cheats, including the editing of the "options.txt" file.

How do you record your videos, and why is the recording so smooth?

To put it simply, I use the in-game recorder. To use it, simply press Ctrl-Shift-F11 to begin recording, and press Ctrl-Shift-F11 again to stop recording. The video files this creates will be stored in your "My Videos" folder in your "My Documents" folder.

Please note that this process slows down the game as it is recording.

You will notice a significant reduction in frame-rate as it is recording, this is normal. The in-game recorder is reported as producing better results and smoother recordings than any third-party application.

Please also note, that the in-game recorder records everything on screen, with the exception of the mouse-cursor. If you wish to record videos, without the game interface visible, simply rename a peep to "David Walsh" then press Ctrl-U, this removes the in-game interface, you can then press CTRL-Shift-F11 as normal, and record. Press Ctrl-U to get the interface back again.


For more information about this, visit my Youtube Video Creation Tips Page.

What do you use to make your videos?

I record my videos using the in-game recorder.

In my earliest videos, I used windows Movie Maker for the editing.

Later on I switched to Cyberlink Powerdirector.

Nowadays, I use Corel Videostudio for the majority of the editing.

Where did you get the music?

Within Cyberlink Powerdirector and Corel Videostudio, there is a plug-in feature called "Smartsound" which includes a library of royalty-free music that can be used in my videos.

In some of my videos, I use music from the Audio Network.





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